Terms And Conditions

Age limit: 5+
Free for children below 5 yrs
Campers will be responsible for any damage done to campsite property
Remuneratio jbn for the same will be expected
For your own safety, once you exit the tent please dust your shoes before wearing them (insects like to get cozy in the warmth of our footwear)
Please zip up the tent every time you enter or exit it
You do not want insects flying into your tent and creating a nuisance for you at night
Stay in the campus premises only
Do NOT go in the restricted areas
Do not litter the campsite Please use the dustbins provided
Keep the campsite premises clean, neat and hygienic
Do not eat food or snacks inside the tent. Keep the tent clean.
Weapons, sharp items or any inflammable items are restricted on the campsite.
Please do not take any of the campsite belongings along with you.
Take care of your valuables (phones, cameras, laptops etc). The campsite doesnt take responsibility for loss of any items.
No smoking or drinking inside the tent.
Please take off your shoes before entering the tent at all times.
Strictly NO USE OF DRUGS in any kind or any form in the campsite premises.
If caught, legal action will be taken against the campers.